Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to making any decision about the any Repair, Demolition, Reconstruction, Full Coverage House Protection, Ice Dam Removal or installation of a roof, we encourage you take a moment to review the following FAQ’s.

The following questions will help you make an informed, intelligent decision about your needs to go through the procedure and as well as help steer you stay clear of many of the other potential construction pitfalls.

To save money, should I be talked into compromising material quality?

Never! Guarantees for most roofing work range between 10 and 20 years. Our choice of materials last as long as 30 years! Building material suppliers tend to have longer track records. If you use name brand materials from major manufacturers (GAF, Owens Corning, Certainteed, etc.) you have a much better chance of regaining your peace of mind .

What should I look for during the deck work?

The decking system of your roof is the support system under your roof. Until your contractor actually tears off your roof, he can’t know the true condition of your deck. Bids traditionally indicate deck replacement work l be done on an as-needed basis and are charged in addition to the original estimate.

How do I know if I should have my old roof removed?

If there already two layers of old roofing, insist that your old roof be removed before the third layer is installed. Three-layer roofs might not comply with FHA mortgage inspection practices and if you are considering selling your home anytime soon, you may have difficulty closing or worse. Who wants to have more weight on their head anyways!

What else can I do to guarantee my new roof will be installed correctly?

Both parties must go through a pre-construction meeting so that a clear chain of command can be established. This allows everyone involved to agree on where equipment will be placed, when the job will start, who’s in charge, and the approximate completion date.

What is the best way to check references?

Ask for references and follow up with calls to 2-3 of them. Ask whether the contractor kept your contract well informed, was the contractor sound and knowledgeable, did the crew show up on time everyday, did they haul off trash after completion and finally, have any problems arisen since the job was finished? Ask about Trade References and their punctuality.

How many estimates should I get and compare?

Always get 2-3 estimates. Not all contractors use the same format so it is often difficult to compare pricing. Ridge Runner Construction can provide you with a free estimate designed to help you compare.

How do I know if the Contractor is qualified?

Ask to see certificates of insurance, licensing and bonding papers. Insurance coverage should include liability limits. Prior to signing a contract, check if your contractor is properly bonded and licensed by calling the contractor’s registration at 1-800-647-0982. Check to see if your bidding contractors maintain membership in regional or national industry associations (e.g. National Roofing Contractor’s Association)