About Us

At Ridge Runner Construction, we are unique in our capabilities and unparalleled in our expertise. Schooled for quality construction, we have a strong background in building construction, roofing, demolition and reconstruction, remodeling and a whole lot more!

At Ridge Runner Construction, we can help you with the demands of an aging house or the challenges of building a new one, leaving you with peace of mind and satisfaction.

Our first goal is to provide you with the best possible quality work you can get for the farthest time. However, we also know how important it is that your home be aesthetically appealing and that it blends well into the neighborhood. Our roofing profiles are designed to look like a traditional slate roof and shingle roof. You’ll have an abundant selection of roofing styles and colors, ensuring an elegant match to enhance your home’s individual appeal.

New walk ways, patios, decks, pool decks, remodeling etc. are done with great care to suit your style and budget.

We have built our good reputation on providing friendly and honest consultation with the highest quality roofing services, all at an affordable price.

Ridge Runner Construction, LLC